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The Mission of Skate for Hope

  • Provide health and wellness education to help reduce one’s risk of developing cancer.
  • Empower children & young adults to better cope with a friend or family member’s cancer diagnosis.
  • Honor community cancer survivors.
  • Raise funding for cancer research & awareness.

Skate for Hope, is a not for profit, charitable organization dedicated to helping those affected by cancer.

Skate for Hope provides participants with invaluable programs and services

  • Health and wellness education to help reduce one’s risk of developing cancer; the instillation of early-on healthy lifestyle habits; and the creation of optimal, lifelong health practices.
  • Opportunity, instruction, and support to maximize one’s health, by staying active through physical exercise.
  • Empowerment of children and young adults with a sense of control, and the ability to contribute to a loved one’s battle with cancer; participants honor and recognize those fighting the disease with written testimonials and performance dedications.
  • The teaching and demonstration of philanthropy, by engaging children and young adults and encouraging them to give their time and talents to help others.

Skate for Hope audience members experience

  • A unique, inspirational public event that increases awareness of cancer and healthful practices, to help reduce the risk of developing the disease.
  • Original, enriched performances that bring communities together via a common bond that champions dignity, distinguishes cancer warriors, and celebrates the spirit of hope and healing.

To date, SFH has engaged and educated more than 1000 participants; 20,000 audience members; and raised more than $575,000 for cancer research. SFH unites generations in a battle against a disease that affects countless Americans annually.



Sarah Hughes, Olympic Gold Medalist

It's always a pleasure to be part of a fun, wonderful charity that features champion skaters and friends - and manages to raise money for a cause close to my heart! - and that's exactly what Skate for Hope accomplishes. Knowing we come together with the common goal of helping to fight cancer, something we have all been touched by in one way or another, elevates the meaning of the show that much more. Each year, SFH presents spectacular productions that celebrate the strength, courage and journey of all cancer survivors.

The camaraderie and enthusiasm of all the skaters during practice and rehearsals is contagious. Since many of the skaters come back year after year, there is a lot of history being shared during the meals and ice time. By show time, the audience can sense they are part of something bigger than just a skating show - and that's exactly what makes Skate for Hope unlike any other show. The fact that SFH has raised over $575,000 for cancer research through this enjoyable endeavor? There's not a much better feeling than that!


Brett Holden

Our daughter Meara had a wonderful time at Skate for Hope. It’s so important to provide kids whose parents are dealing with cancer a vehicle for taking action and shaping change. The skating community is a wonderful group of people and it seems only natural that those in the sport would be driven to actively support one another and work toward assisting such a great cause. My wife, Meara’s mom, was deeply touched by the applause during the Survivor Ceremony. It's important that she feel that energy as we continue this fight. Given two weeks to live at diagnosis, we are now at 4 years 2 months. Staying active and positive is deeply important. Skate for Hope helps us do just that.


Tracey Van Zijl

Thank you Skate for Hope for your event. We had a great time at the show. My daughter was having a hard time dealing with the news of a loved having cancer and Skate for Hope really helped her.


Kim Bernstein

Every time I stop to think that after 25 years of making a difference through health care advocacy, I have been truly blessed with the chance to live a childhood dream competing in figure skating.

Skate for Hope has given me the chance to combine the two. Thank you Carolyn Bongirno for creating this powerful opportunity to teach the next generation the power of advocacy and necessity of self awareness and overcoming obstacles with grace and confidence.


Emily Hughes, Olympian

Since 2005, I have been traveling to perform in Skate for Hope. Out of all the events I do each year, Skate for Hope has a special meaning to me. The reason for that is because Skate for Hope supports cancer research as well as friends and family of those impacted by cancer. My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer when I was 8 years old and in many ways, skating helped me and my family through my mother’s diagnosis and treatment. Soon after my mother’s diagnosis and multiple rounds of treatment, she watched my sister Sarah win her first national medal as National Junior Champion. Her diagnosis put everything in perspective, but Sarah’s win was a celebration for the whole family. Skating gave us all a chance to forget about cancer, hospitals and chemo for even a few moments.

By the time Sarah became the 2002 Olympic Champion and I represented the U.S. in the 2006 Olympics, my mother had scored a victory that dwarfed anything ever done on the ice. She watched all our triumphs cancer-free.

I recognize that the story of my family is only one of millions of stories in the battle against cancer. Having the chance to perform at Skate for Hope, I feel as though I get the chance to do something I love and give back to the community. Skate for Hope has already raised over $575,000 for research, but the show is more than a fundraiser. It’s the experience for the seven year old whose mother was just diagnosed with breast cancer and the teenager skating for their recently diagnosed uncle, and the thirty-something year old skating for herself after overcoming a diagnosis.


Sarah, Amy & Em 2013_cropped.jpg

Sarah & Emily Hughes with their mother Amy, a breast cancer survivor at SFH
Photo courtesy of Caitlin Klingbeil

Skate for Hope was founded by cancer survivor Carolyn Bongirno in 2004. At 33 years old, Bongirno battled and over came a stage three breast cancer diagnosis. She created SFH to help empower children and young adults to better cope with a friend or family member’s cancer diagnosis by utilizing their time and talents to honor and help others.

Skate for Hope extends its sincerest thanks to photographers Leah Adams, Jay Adeff, Liz Chastney, Mark L’Hommedieu, Melanie Hoyt, Barry Mittan and Michelle Wojdyla for providing images for SFH’s website

One of our greatest supporters since 2004, has been the Ohio Health Chiller Ice Rinks. It is our sincere pleasure to recognize the Ohio Health Chillers and its team as a premier sponsor of Skate for Hope and we thank them for their unwavering commitment. From donating rehearsal ice to assisting with promotions and providing volunteers, The Ohio Health Chiller Ice Rinks has been instrumental in sustaining and growing the work of Skate for Hope. 

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